Aaron L. Jackson, Ph. D.

Associate Dean For Undergraduate Business Programs, Bentley University


Select Published research papers

"A Case Study on Using Instructor-Recorded Videos in an Upper Level Economics Course." September 2016, International Review of Economics Education. Joint work with Dave Gulley. 

"Teaching a Class Dedicated to the College Fed Challenge Competition." September 2015, Special Issue: College Fed Challenge, Eastern Economic Journal. Joint work with Dave Gulley.

"Are Immigrants Really Attracted to the Welfare State? Evidence from OECD Countries." December 2013, International Economics and Economic Policy. Joint work with Michael Quinn and David Ortmeyer.

"Prediction Market Accuracy: The Impact of Size, Incentives, Context, and Interpretation." Journal of Prediction Markets, September 2012. Joint work with Patrick McHugh.

"The Ties that Bind: Colonies, Culture, and Education Among Immigrants" International Journal of Applied Economics, September 2010. Joint work with Michael Quinn and David Ortmeyer.

"Policy Futures Markets with Multiple Goals." Journal of Macroeconomics, February 2010

"Quantitative Goals for Monetary Policy: A Quantile Regression Approach." Applied Economics, July 2009. Joint work with William Miles.

"Fixed Exchange Rates and Disinflation in Emerging Markets: How Large is the Effect?" Review of World Economics, 2008. Joint work with William Miles.

"Velocity Futures Markets: Does the Fed Need a Structural Model?" Economic Inquiry, October 2006. Joint work with Scott Sumner.

"Disinflationary Boom Reversion" Macroeconomic Dynamics, September 2005.